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What is Date Night ?

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Providing God's People with the most amazing Date Nights on the planet!!!

Matthew 19:4-6

Meet the Founders

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Jeremy and JaLeesa Sims Created Date Night to provide Christian couples with fun activities and date nights that don't compromise their faith. They believe that a lasting marriage is the result of faith in God and an active dating life. They serve as pastors at their church and have 3 amazing children. 

More About Us

The purpose of Date Night is to strengthen Godly marriages and prevent divorce by hosting date nights, providing testimonies, counselings, and networking to solidify intentional marriage. Our most valuable resource is the word of God. Matthew 19:4-6

Date Night focuses on building long lasting relationships by encouraging couples to never stop dating, being romantic, respecting each other, and having fun together. The purpose of Date night is to deter divorce by providing couples with the tools necessary for a lasting marriage. It is our believe that the best advocate for marriage is a Christian lifestyle. We believe that marriages that are grounded and rooted in Christ have the best chance for success. Based and founded on this belief, Date Night strives to produce an atmosphere that nurtures intentional marriage all the while providing elements of romance, spontaneity, fun, excitement, and a climate that strengthens relationships through friendship and team building through Christ. .


Our mission is to benefit our community economically and spiritual by advocating Godly marriage while deterring divorce. Divorce is an ugly scenario that tears families apart, causing economic decline and structureless youth. Therefore, we are taking a stand against divorce and its negative effects on society. Ecclesiastes 2:17 


Our Vision is to be a blessing to intentional couples and marriages by providing free resources to deter divorce and help strengthen marriage. We plan to provide free marital counseling, seminars, and marriage retreats to help couples grow stronger in their relationships. 

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